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Meet Nowrid Amin, a passionate digital marketer with 12 years of experience in the industry. As a renowned public speaker, He has been featured at international conferences, including a TED Talk, highlighting his expertise in the field. He is also a digital marketing professor and has taught at various institutions in Canada for the past five years.

Amin’s innovative approach to teaching digital marketing has helped redefine the way people learn and implement effective strategies to grow their businesses. With a portfolio that boasts over 10,000 trained individuals and over 30 clients from Canada, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Brunei, India, and Vietnam, he has gained invaluable experience and a global perspective in the field.

Currently serving as the group marketing head at Juwai IQI, a leading proptech company, His leadership and expertise have made a significant impact on the company’s strong digital presence. Additionally, he is a Chartered Marketer from CIM, UK, and is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Business Administration.

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